Seasoned Logs/Firewood

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MKP Transport supply perfectly seasoned logs delivered directly to your door.


    MKP Transport Services also sells seasoned logs and firewood delivered to customers from Croydon to Crawley, Sutton to Horsham. All of Sussex and Surrey supplied.


    We already have extensive involvement in the forestry industry where we undertake aggregate, tree and general waste removals. Rather than disposing of felled trees and waste wood, we cut it down into managable chunks and season it to be suitable for burning in fireplaces, chimineas and wood burner stoves.

    Get perfectly seasoned logs delivered to your Surrey or Sussex home. Whether you live in Croydon or Sutton, Epsom, Horsham, Crawley and all surrounding areas, we can deliver to you. We supply bags of seasoned hardwood logs and mixed bags of both hard and softwoods. Contact us to arrange to have your winter firewood delivered to your home or workplace in Surrey or Sussex.

    That your firewood is well seasoned and has a low moisture content is very important if you plan to burn it inside your home.Wood cut in winter, outside growing season, tends to be drier than summer cut wood, which contains more water and sap. This means it takes less time to season and become suitable for use in fireplaces. Seasoned logs also contain lower tar levels. Tar is acidic and can damage your stove or chiminea over time.

    If you need to resupply your firewood stocks, contact us now for a quote or to arrange to have your seasoned logs delivered. If you live in Croydon or Crawley, Epsom or Horsham or anywhere in between, MKP Transport can supply you with the highest quality seasoned firewood.

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